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From Nancy Pelosi's Foreword
Victory for the Vote will help encourage...change, educating America about the struggle for suffrage and engaging and empowering the next generation of history-makers and game-changers to make a difference. Together, we must continue our progress for women and for the cause of equality—because, when women succeed, America succeeds!
From Lis Fricker
Book Reviews, Mugglenet, 6/16/20
Weatherford gives new insights into familiar names and events while masterfully including the lives and accomplishments of women whose names most historians have forgotten....The highlight of [Part Two] is the chapter devoted to minority women. Weatherford sheds light on the failings of the suffrage movement to include racial minorities and ends the chapter noting the ways minority women have advocated and gained agency, especially in recent elections, when women of many races and sexual orientations have won public office.
From Roz Reisner
A Reader's Place, 4/16/20
Weatherford is able to bring together the factual history and the social history of the suffrage movement–and the feminist movement in general–in dramatic and insightful ways....a stirring reading experience, often inspirational.
From Publishers Weekly, 9/9/19
Weatherford...counter[s] the common misperception of the movement as little more than a few names and some white dresses.


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